Have you ever seen the same sequence of numbers over and over again?


Maybe you have been seeing 11:11 and other repetitive numbers such as 222, 333, 1010, 1212 and so forth.


Maybe you look at the clock every time it is 11:11? 


Pay attention!


These numbers in your life are NOT a coincidence! 


These significant numbers want to show you something VERY VERY IMPORTANT about your life, the direction you are headed, and your relationship with the law of attraction.


You are being called now as its a very special and unique time, never before experienced in the history of the planet.


There are quickening and invitation for those ready to accelerate their life and the life of those around them.


Is 11:11 calling the leader in you to step into your highest vibration and purpose driven life?



Enough already of hanging about all the low-level grief, blame, numbness, stagnation and powerlessness!

I'm Anikiko

I have delivered over 12,000 sessions working with some of the world’s best entertainers, business owners, CEO’s, high performers, hero mums and dads, navigate through the most pivotal times of their lives.


I’ve helped those who are ready to listen to their inner call for change to tap into their manifestation and receiving mode to create wealth, abundance, creating soul and passion-led business and to truly step up and into their Genius Zone. 

All this, with my 11 Day Genius Zone Program by moving through daily transformations that take you from the lower vibration states of powerless and shoot you into creating and attracting only win/win/win scenarios and I deeply care for everyone I work with and everyone who engages in any of my programs. 


Not for the faint-hearted, if you want to upgrade and upscale, surrender into your greatness and genius, let’s ditch the excuses and step into your potential now. 

Are you ready to activate the mastery within you?

Are you ready to step into inspired, impactful, clarity where you pull your results in like a magnetic force? Are you ready to be a forcefield of flow of that which is your desire to create? Get ready!


This is a powerful opportunity to find out what's really holding you back from feeling more energized in your body and in your life to focus that energy into ultimate manifestation.


In this program,  I will break down the true meaning behind this type of experience and give you the tools necessary to take full advantage of this special sign being sent to you.


It’s time to  be open for the opportunity that waits only for you to reach out and grab it and say YES to it, YES to YOU!


 It’s time to manifest and step into an ultimate receptive field of health, happiness and abundance.


 It’s time to focus your intentions on what you really, really want!  


It’s time to do YOU. It’s time to get out the way of your GENIUS ZONE.


I invite and DARE you to step into the DRIVER seat to co-create with yourself, with me and with your whole being something you truly want to focus these next 11 Days on!​



This program is for you if...

  • You walk in truth and only chose to keep raising yours and others ‘good vibes’.

  • You are intuitive and ready to turn up the volume on your inner voice to lead a very abundant life.

  • You know you were born for more.

  • You recognize mastery within you as the 11:11 calls forth mastery.

  •  You know that 11:11 is a symbol and not a number.

  • You're  ready to step into aligned flow with a force greater than yourself.

  • You are open to ONLY working with SOURCE energy and creating life by design not default.

  • You feel that you are different and have always noticed things others haven’t.

  • You are ready to step into a new level of clarity and purpose.

  • You are already a leader in your work or ready to step into the next level leader in you

This program will show you how to:

  • Increase your vibration, and the world’s vibration
  • Enhance the Law of Attraction
  • Empower manifestation in your life 
  • Charge up your receiving field and mode
  • Shift any disempowering state in your body and being
  • Ditch the old paradigm and step into alignment for instant results
  • Communicate with your inner and outer world in a way that creates peace, fulfilment and success
  • Bring more love and light into this world just being you 


This program is about SO much more than simply the ‘meaning of 1111 or  reasons why you are seeing it... What is it really about???


Moving forward with your higher purpose in life and saying yes to You, Getting out of the struggle zone and finally into flow.


You are being called for more and to step into your hidden (for some not so hidden) truth and abilites.

Its time to align with truth, ease and flow to create anything you want!



11 Day Trainings

11 days of  powerful training with me, Anikiko. I will guide you to navigate effortlessly toward solutions in your personal life and business as well as the key components to living, sustaining and thriving in your genius zone. 


Plus several hundred of dollars worth of transformation used by my most successful artists, creators and entrepreneurs.


You'll also get:


Lucid Chart

My aim is to get you to sit in a state of LUCID flow where by your vision is unified, you feel inspired, fulfilled, empowered, clear and you pull in your market in business or you pull resources to keep you in flow.


One month access to 3 LIVE online sessions in our Geniuszone Mastermind Program 

Join the Genius Zone Mastermind​ online masterclass to shift your state, clear blocks and transform. Get your positive flow back for your life and business.


Success, Focus and Manifestation Bundle  - VIP*


This bundle is designed to help you strengthen your focus and achieve your goals. Below are the tracks included in this bundle.


Track 1: Surrender Into The Unknown, Create Impact and Play A Bigger Game
Track 2: Manifest With Ease Meditation
Track 3: Access Inner Radiance Even When Spiraling Out Of Control
Track 4: I Create Solutions. I Am Solution Focused
Track 5: Ditching Difficulty and Step Into the Path of Least Resistance
Track 6: My Future Self and Ultimate Vision
Track 7: Choosing What Works and Letting Go Of What Does Not
Track 8: Stepping Into REAL Strength and Leaning Into Vulnerabilit


Receive and Design your Destiny - VIP*

This transformation is about allowing the unfolding of your destiny, to release all blocks or resistance from you being aligned and in line with your destiny. Trust life, your journey, that which is in front of you as an invitation to co-create your destiny. One that only you can fulfill.


If you have found yourself ever wondering if there is more to life, more joy or passion to live, or if you have ever been a little lost or not quite fulfilled, then this track can support you to get that back.


Perfect for: feelings of depression, post break up, questioning your path, career change, divorce or separation, loss, feel as though you have settled for “just ok”, wondering if there is “more to life than this”.


What People Are Saying:

I was going through some pretty tough emotional times and pretty hard choices in my professional life and since I've been working with her over the past 2 years, I have learned so much, I've created so many changes in an area that I don't think I would be able to recognize. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to become more empowered and clear about what they want in life.

Nick Miller

Professional Musician

It is one of the most powerful coaching sessions I've ever had in my whole life. Because in just a short while she was able to help me reframe the story I've been telling myself for almost a decade now.

Boyee Nataraja

Dancer & Author

"I am still blown away by just how powerful sessions with her are. She is full of enthusiasm and determination to quickly get to the root cause of any issue manifesting in my life and help me move through it. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her and if you are serious about making change in any area of your life, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Naomie Harris

Actress (the Pirates of the Caribbean and Oscar-nominated role in Moonlight)

"Ani really supports you in what you want to create in your life. She will push you to break through, she will push you to get better answers and outcomes for yourself but in a very compassionate way. She’s a fantastic coach, it’s obvious she loves her work.

Beck Fielding


"It had been on my mind to come to True Voice Global for years. I finally came when I was a breaking point with panic attacks springing up on me and anxiety, not understanding why I felt so broken.

Within my first session and every experience since in my program, I have a much happier life, feel calmer, I am no longer having panic attacks that creep up from nowhere, I manage work well and don't have to deal with insurmountable issues because I give and receive communication like never before and am a stronger leader.

Anyone feeling stuck, going through change or not understanding how to create a mental, physical health or emotional solution to work with Anikiko or her team as you'll turn the issue around faster than any other process out there.

Paige Shirlaw

Sales Coordinator

"Working with Ani, on a one on one level has really helped me unblock the feeling of self-doubt and fear, it has opened me up and allowed me to find out who my voice is, what I can really do and how I can bring an impact to the world.


I recommend her to anyone who is already a high achiever and has high goals but still wants to get more in life...To those of you who feel that there's something more and that you are missing something that you really want to unblock to fulfill your own purpose and use your skills to help others in the world, Ani is the best person who can help you.

Karen Varker

Marketing Manager

"I can't recommend Anikiko highly enough, She is behind the amazing Creativity Priming Meditation that is part of my Power Writing Program. Anikiko is an absolute expert in her field.

Jane Turner


"Ani's sessions are the best. I have shifted incredible blocks and reprogrammed old patterns of behavior quickly with Anikiko's insight and help. 

Natasha David


Karen Varker

Entrepreneur/Marketing Manager

Georgia Branch

Serial Entrepreneur Forbes


Get into the master that keeps calling you everytime you see 11:11!


  • Change your life forever

    It is not negotiable to show up as the best version of you in business and your relationships in life you want to fastrtack to fulfilment using a simple PROVEN method in moving from powerless and unfulfilled states to empowered choice, and your genius zone of creation.

  • Ditch the excuses and that which holds you back

    You are done with DRAMA and ready to do the INNER-vestigation to solve the outer imbalances and challenges in your business and your relationships.

  • Transformational Tool

    You want to fasttrack to fulfilment using a simple PROVEN method in moving from powerless and unfulfilled states to empowered choice, and your genius zone of creation

  • Claiming and launching your gift

    You want to get efficient in shifting quickly and effortlessly you don't want to spend 1000’s of dollars right now but need something that will continue to create results for you FOREVER.

  • Find your Balance and Inner peace

    You want to create an inner peace that you recognise will be projected toward others and create an impact in your world.

  • Access your Zone of Creation

    You ONLY want to start saying YES to projects that are in your GENIUS ZONE of creation and collaboration you are ready to keep going the NEXT LEVEL NOW and apply our blueprint to ALL AREAS of your life for ACCELERATION.



VIP upgrade for only $97 and get hundreds of dollars extra value for only an extra $28!

Are you still here?



If you are still reading this page then it is clearly speaking to you and you recognize that if you chose NOT to join me in this training then  you either just love reading my writing, not confident to make a decision now and act on it or the excuses NOT TO are more important than the DESIRE and CONVICTION to get on with shifting your shit, owning and selling your gift. 

This is 100% OK and if this page has served you in realizing this then this is fantastic news.


I invite you to check in and connect what you most want in life or business now.

If however you are ready to LEAN IN and DECIDE and PULL all forces in to serve you then


CLICK the "Yes I'm In" button below


© Copyrights by Anikiko. All Rights Reseved.