MTHFR Assist

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Are you experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and high levels of Homocysteine? You are not alone! Millions of people suffer from this condition every day. 


Introducing MTHFR Assist - the powerful healing agent that can help lower Homocysteine levels in the body and alkalize your body quickly.

  • MTHFR assist green holds the power of Biophoton energy and transfers it to your body every time you take the blended combination which is over 75% of living food.

  • MTHFR Assist is powerful healing agent not only for Genetic C677t and A1298c MTHFR sufferers but for every body on the planet including pets mixed in their food.

  • MTHFR assist Green drink is full of Enzymes and Nutrition as well as Inulin  Colostrum Bee Pollen  Zeolite Diatomaceous Earth Linseed Sunflower Almond Chia 100% organic cacao and organically grown green barley young shootes.