YOU are enough. And it’s time to OWN it!

Imagine what kind of decision you'd make if you came from a place of expanded certainty knowing you were more than enough and that anything you buy like a course, a book , a new outfit was not "the thing" that made you feel that way but was a reflection of what you already know and feel inside. 


Imagine if something within you shifted so much so that people felt differently when being around you, they felt uplifted or calm and just happy. 


Imagine if you attracted the smiling faces and reflections of other people wanting to meet with you because there was something about you that they wanted to explore and more so because they knew that hanging out with you would somehow benefit their life and feel good to them. 


Imagine if new clients were magnetically drawn to you because inside of you is a certainty that magnetizes just those clients that are easy, curious, open and love to do the journey with you or your product as their support. 


Imagine if you made a paradigm shift that could happen in our first session together that will change your life forever and from which you will have a platform of centeredness, certainty and conviction on ALL levels. 


Are you ready to integrate into your whole being the greatest of all life and biological hacks of all time? 

This is the single most important shift I have seen in well over 12,000 clients and of course myself. 


It costs pain. 


It’s costs time. 


It costs relationships - losing them not to mention the ones you could have when this shift becomes permanent in your life. 


It’s the most expensive of all because it keeps you hungry, buying more of all the things that may fill the gap. It disables the very part of you that is sold out to feeling amazing and great about what you have achieved and what you give. It steals the good feeling of receiving from others and steals from them the great feeling of giving to you…… 


Enough is Enough! You are more than enough. 

My greatest clients who have hit multi million dollar or high profile success still hit this block at every next level of growth. In fact many of the high achievers I have worked with are so relieved when we shift this because life starts to look very differently. 


This training is PARTICULARLY essential for entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives wanting to go their next level whether just starting out or ready for a shift for the better.


I am an artist and have suffered from this particular issue for most of my teens and 20's. I still created amazing achievements and levels of success but blew out in weight and my health plummeted. I worked with all the wrong people because I never felt enough. I also created relationships that reflected this issue in my life. Nothing to do with the levels of success, I still felt like I was not enough until I transformed this and saw that I was more than enough. This mainly happened through the reflections of work I did with clients and by seeing this issue in over 12,000 people I had evidence enough to know , feel and be more than enough in myself. 





This is one of the 5 top and the most important of blocks that prevent sustainable next level success at ANY point of personal or professional growth. 

Sounds familiar?: If you find...

  • It's hard to enjoy the success you have created 
  • Focusing on having to fix yourself or your past 
  • You often think you aren't "rich", "successful", "hot", "thin" or "buff" or "good" enough 
  • Hitting up against recurring patterns and the same issues keep popping up 
  • Always buying more and more courses that are sitting unfinished or incomplete or worse, you haven't even unpacked them 
  • You end up caring for everyone else and leave yourself last 
  • Craving or pushing away intimacy and deep connection 
  • You are waiting for the perfect moment to start something you have wanted to start in a long time but it seems that time never comes 
  • You will enjoy family time or relationship time after you do "just one more thing" or "reach one more milestone" 
  • You find it hard to acknowledge your wins and celebrate 
  • Constantly feeling disappointed by life or others  
  • Feel the pain of rejection or you yourself reject compliments 
  • You know you were born for more 
  • You are not taking the actions you know you want to take but have been procrastinating OR 
  • You're doing all the right actions, ticking the right boxes but something is missing 
  • You're asking yourself “is this all there is” 
  • Hoard things and have too much stuff 
  • You experience compulsive habits like shopping, over-eating 

Basically you can be experiencing the flip side of the same coin whether its EXCESS or NOT ENOUGH both these aspects can be shifted with an EASY solution. 

Are you NOW ready to draw the line on the sand between feeling like you are readying and striving for moving target that is in fact a target you don’t even know you believe in anymore?

I’ve  seen amazing women and men go through hundreds of thousands because this issue cost them money in a marriage or relationship they did not want to be in. 


I’ve worked with clients who spent their time and energy building their employers business and not being valued for there work yet feeling like they didn't have enough or weren't enough to start their own business for decades! 


I don’t know how it shows up for you but I do know this…… not feeling like you are enough is the very thing that creates a myriad of challenges and issues I believe we can all do without so we can have fulfilment on ALL LEVELS.  


You would love to have it all but not sure how? You may not even believe you can have it all but I have seen that when all things align from such a core space like shift this very simple yet profound aspect, then SO many things fall into place in life seemingly effortlessly. 


It's time to do the REAL work to bring all your effort and hard work together and simply be expectant inside this space of change and choice to HAVE it all because YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. 


This is a course that ALL LEVELS of SUCCESS can benefit from because it will maximise and multiple all the money and time you have already spent on other programs. 


Let's activate everything now. 




I am enough just because I breath guided track

This transformation is about integrating your value into what you offer the world, others and in business. It’s all about raising your vibrancy and vibration to know that you are more than enough and that just your presence whether you speak or not will shift the consciousness and vibrancy of the space which you are in.


Imagine what you would attract and allow into your life without the tiresome self-comparison and constant competition of needing more, needing to be more and fueling anxiety and low self-worth.


Magnetise with ease whatever you place into this space and breath. What would you create and manifest if you truly allowed yourself to value all that you have achieved, experienced and received from others? If you were to truly activate the magnitude of that knowledge, wisdom and experience then you would see yourself as the valuable resource and instrument of power that you are!


Perfect for: stepping your value up, comparing yourself to others, feeling like you need to prove your worth all the time, justifying language and behaviour, feeling less than, business growth, self and business evaluation, creating value in your offer in business or relationships.


Music bed: Sounds of Receiving Volume 3

Being bold and your own backbone guided track

This transformation is about letting go of frustration and moving through the imperfect parts of being a human being, being the back bone and backing yourself in any situation.


Coming to a space of seeing perfection in the mistakes, acceptance of what is and establishing your truth as the back bone to navigate you through any challenge.


Tap into your cause, with your instinct and connect to the tiny nudges in your life that pull you ever more toward your genius zone.


Be the backbone in your life, action from this space and connect on the deepest levels to what your next right action is as you become the centre of change following your cause with every step you take.


When everything becomes still and quiet, what message remains, what does your soul, body and mind have to share with you?


Perfect for:
Perfectionists, feeling stuck with inaction, self-judgement, critical thinking, not knowing what best next action to take.


Music Bed: Sounds of Transformation Volume 7

I am Enough guided track

This transformation is a process to recognise you are more than enough just as you are. So much stress and anxiety comes from the feeling or belief that you are not enough as you are, that there is not enough and that you are in competition for resources, money, attention, affection, love or fulfilment, or that you did not do or give enough.


This is a rare moment to truly register and recognise that the thoughts, doubts that chase you about whether you gave enough, were enough or worried about not giving enough are not truly yours. They are layer of expectations, beliefs, should of others. They can even be the shame or guilt someone else have projected onto you.


This is an opportunity to let go of pleasing others, competing with others and to know that you have and will always have more than you need within and around you simply because you are here and breathing. Just because you breathe you have and are more than enough.


Perfect for: giving too much, never feeling like you have given enough, feeling like you have to give back with interest when you receive, deflecting compliments, resentful about not getting needs met, being demanding in relationships or the opposite – being a loving doormat.


Music bed: Sounds of Source Volume 1

Sounds of Receiving Volume 3

Sounds Of Receiving: I am strength in openness yes I am


Letting In: self-value, self worth, a positive attitude toward self and others, transparency, openness, strength and confidence, strength through vulnerability, worthy of support and value, multiple sources of receiving and giving, accept responsibility for self in relationships, self-sufficiency, meet own needs for love and independence.


Letting Go: scarcity, neediness, clinging, relationship needs being unmet, insecurity, shame, disconnect to others and self, weakness in vulnerability, discomfort in receiving, unbalanced giving and receiving, owing, obligation, undervalued, unworthy, self-punishment, pushing generosity or compliments away.

The hidden secrets of high achievers eBook

I had to write this book because I want to see more amazing entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, creatives and creators ditch the challenges outlined in this book and bust through them because the world needs real voices, real solutions, creative genius’ now.


In my book, I have outlined 5 key challenges and also their opportunities for growth. Where there is a challenge, there is an equal and opposite opportunity to support growth and acceleration.


It is my mission to see millions of leaders (men, women, CEO’s, business owners, mums and dads, game changers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the like) be supported as they support others, be fulfilled and re-fueled as they keep giving, inspiring and delivering their voice, their vision globally.


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