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You deserve more than just medication for your health problems!


Have you been taking medication for headaches or body pain all these years and now rely on it to get out of bed every morning? ​

We are so glad you're here today and we want to make sure that we are doing all we can for your health. 


Take advantage of the power of Mediscan. The small but powerful device uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field for many areas in life that matter most.


It not only scans, it also chooses frequencies and 203 standard healing combinations based on what you need!


Mediscan's home users can also perform analyses on themselves, but we recommend working with a professional who has had experience using this advanced equipment.

Did you know? Our body is made of an estimated 7*1027 (that’s a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) energetic atoms. Let’s use them for good!

Everything on this planet, including animals, plants, and water are made of atoms which produce, emit, and receive energy which operates at a specific frequency. Everything – all our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns – have their own unique electro-magnetic fields, as do allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungi.


We tend to reduce our bodies’ anatomy down to a simplified version that consists of only flesh and blood. Grasping the intangible – something we cannot immediately experience through our senses – can be challenging. 


This limited understanding of the intangible has led us to ignore therapies and practices which have the capability to heal our bodies from disease by reading and correcting the electrical energy or frequencies.

The Beginnings of Biofeedback

Quantum physicists are in the process of discovering the intangible laws of electro-magnetism, which will inevitably change the way we practice conventional Western medicine. Many areas of the world, however, have been using this invisible energy for diagnosis and healing for thousands of years in acupuncture and other ancient healing therapies.

Imbalances that reside in our bodies and minds can be detectable and reduced via the correction of their particular electro-magnetic fields, through the means of biofeedback.


Claud Bernard


The beginning of biofeedback can be traced back to Claud Bernard who proposed in 1865 that the body strives to maintain a steady state in the internal environment and that humans can take control over their physiologic functions to achieve a level of wellness. After World War II, a mathematician named Norbert Wiener developed cybernetics, which is “the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.”

Healthy tissue is said to respond in a predictable way, while unhealthy tissues will conduct pulses differently. Traumatized, inflamed or degenerative tissue all produce abnormal readings compared to the patient’s baseline norm. Thus in the cybernetic loop, the a biofeedback machine measures the body’s frequencies and produces feedback for wound healing, pain reduction, relaxation and stress reduction through electrical stimulation.

The Beginnings of Biofeedback


Biofeedback machines calculate the body’s impulses or frequencies and communicates these readings to the machine. In the late 1920’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife Machine – one of the first frequency generator. According to Dr. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would even destroy it.


The three most common types of biofeedback therapy are:

Thermal Biofeedback which measures skin temperature.
Electromyography which is used to measures muscle tension.
Neuro Feedback which measures brain wave activity.


Biofeedback machines provide us with in-depth knowledge about what is happening in our body and it enables involuntary responses to be measured. During biofeedback therapy, electrodes are generally attached to the patient’s skin which in turn sends the in-depth information to the equipment.


Once the imbalances and stresses have been identified, the machine’s programme is selected from a vast database of vibrational biofeedback therapies to help return balance and relief for the patient.

Why Isn’t Biofeedback Used as a Treatment Today?​

Dr. Rife’s machine was tested with cancer patients at Pasadena County Hospital. The doctors put patients under treatment for 90 days and found that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured of cancer. The remaining patients where further tested and underwent additional treatment; they too were cured.


In other words, an astounding 100% of patients included in the program where cured from cancer.


According to media files and documents, the Rife’s machine was a total hit during the time as it produced such impressive cancer cure rates. Big pharmaceutical companies tried to buy the technology to conduct more research on his equipment. Dr. Rife, however, did not want to sell it.

The short answer to why we are not using biofeedback to cure disease is that the pharmaceutical industry is a profitable business and a natural cancer cure such as the Rife Machine would most certainly cut into their profits. We will discuss this in more detail in a later post with convincing data that this is not a conspiracy.


Similar to Nikola Tesla’s fate, Dr. Rife’s office was broken into and all of his paper work and research was stolen. The machine was also destroyed.


Nevertheless, his work influenced hundreds of researchers to study the body’s frequency and how it can be used to treat disease. One of the most beneficial researchers, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, built another frequency monitor in 1992 and discovered that the average frequency of the human body during daytime is 62 to 68 Hz. According to Tainio, the body resonates frequency between 62 to 72 Hz when healthy . As the frequency drops due to environmental and physiological factors, our immune system is compromised and disease is more apt to develop.

The application of using frequencies to heal the body had already been suggested by the American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) who pioneered electrical technology. 

Did you know that we've the magic found magic in frequency? It turns out, if we use certain frequencies it can help people fight cancer.

“If you could eliminate certain outside
frequencies that interfered with our bodies,
we would have greater resistance toward disease.”

Nicola Tesla

We have a lot of clients who are all very happy with the MediScan. Here's just some of their testimonials: ​

My name is Doreen from Mandurah Western Australia, I am 80 years old and came to Will when I was referred from a friend and my specialist Mr Berhani Perth’s top specialist for Lupus and Fibromyalgia, Mr Berhani was treating me for my chronic condition that I have suffered with for the past 40 years I have had chronic Lupus and Fibromyalgia for 40 years and taking an anti-inflammatory drugs for my pain. Mr Berhani was astounded just as I was after 7 weeks using Light therapy and Bio photon resonance therapy that I was free from Lupus. Mr Berhani told me he had been treating Lupus for 45 years and has never seen anyone recover from Lupus in that time a video testimonial available from Doreen. ​

I went to Will’s Clinic in Mandurah and used their Frequency Body Boost Bed that has 6500 near infra-red blue and red lights as well as 93% Oxygen sound therapy and Tesla based Rife energy frequency and Bio photon resonance enhanced chi drops I can now Live my life without Pain and drugs that affected my liver and general health in fact I owe Will a for saving me from my pain filled battle over 40 years thank you both you have literally saved my life in fact the five systems I used attached to the Light Bed Will was telling me had a total cost to them of over $80.000 and they charge around half the cost of a full body massage and I have one session a week with my daughter on the bed and in the Hyperbaric chamber 2 x 25  minutes  (double) session on the light bed is $100 he gave it to me for $50
If any one disputes what I am saying my 40 year history is available and anyone can contact me if you doubt this Testimonial through Will he will supply my phone number.

Mum has had another blood test to check her kidney function  the other week and her kidney function has gone from 33% 8/1/2019 up to 48% on 15/6/2019 isn't that great!
​I believe it’s the bio photon resonance Chi drops and the green drink as the kidneys don't usually improve that much do they ?or is it the jade mat ? that 33% IS WHY I am glad she didn't have to have the second lot of injections for the stent as she could have ended up on dialysis thank you Will.  - Meghan Hall

Update :  Megan’s mother returned for her annual check-up  13/6/2020 is 88 and now in her third year of natural bio photon treatment and her health has improved remarkably.

I asked you the question does the Bio photon drops alter DNA, you said yes. I am inclined to agree. My experience is with Von Willer bands type 1. Prior to taking the drops my history with this blood disorder was that having any surgery I would need platelet infusions. 3 months later and 2 blood tests a month apart now show the level of VW type 1 has dropped and barely registering in the tests. At first the hematologist thought the lab had my tests results mixed up. Re test showed it was correct. So I only need at this stage infusion for any major surgery where excessive bleeding may occur. To add to this the thyroid dysfunction has now cleared according to the recent blood test.  I can only credit this to the bio photon drops and your MTHFR green powder. It will be interesting to see in 12 months if the VW is still in my DNA or been eradicated.... keep you posted.

- Kay Mandurah WA  (Practitioner)Green room kinesiology Bowen therapy.
How serious is von Willebrand disease?
Von Willebrand disease can cause uncontrollable bleeding, which can be life-threatening. Other complications of Von Willebrand disease can include: Anemia. Women who have heavy menstrual bleeding can develop iron deficiency anaemia.

Above is the PERL M the worlds most advanced frequency system that has the ability to kill cancer cells in a 10 metre radius. (watch the movie above you will see cancer cells being destroyed using frequency) it cost us $15000 we use it free in our clinic for everyone who comes to our clinic.

However the MediScan does exactly the same thing plus more below is the MediScan also scans your body chooses frequencies as well as 203 standard healing combinations and can heal you in a 1 metre range    $2200 which less than the cost of the new iphone.

Introducing the MediScan Frequency Device

The Medi Scanner is a frequency device that scans your body and can heal you in 1 metre range. It has the ability to make 203 standard healing combinations possible, all for $2200 less than buying an iphone! 


Our promise to you on your very first visit to the clinic... We can't wait to show you the results of  MediScan device. We promise that we will reduce inflammations dramatically not only guarantee it, but prove it. Just come visit us and hold this device in your hands for just four minutes a day and see how much better you feel.

  • Mediscan provides the right frequencies for your body to maintain health and feeling good.


  • The Mediscan is an all-inclusive device to find the food your body needs and suitable settings that help balance it with individual vitamins, minerals, frequencies for harmonization.


  •  It measures parameters that help to evaluate which setting are best for your body frequency, so you're always getting the care and attention needed in order to attain optimal health.



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