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Music and programs with the ancient healing power of solfeggio frequencies, harmonics in singing voice binaural beats & brainwave music which can work as transformation, sleep, study, focus, manifestation & deeply relaxing music .

Exhaustion, burnout, anxiety and depression are very common amongst those with big vision and big voices, entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, parents, carers and those recovering from health set backs.


Just like you take supplements such as protein or vitamins, minerals and food that nourish you throughout the day, Music Nutrition sounds can nourish you while you sleep, relax or dissolve stress or even when you are going through challenging times in your mind, body or spirit.


You can use it for your family, children or even in your practise if you are a presenter or work with others, you can use this music as a soundtrack to the words of wisdom you share when facilitating others through change. 


Music Nutrition was consciously created with the intention, engineering and expertise to help you easily resonate with, receive the frequencies and the messages within the live recordings of transformations.




Choose One of Our 4 Enhanced Programs

1. The Power Pack Program For Transforming Stress Into Success

Music Nutrition’s The Power Pack Program For Transforming Stress Into Success features accessible tracks that can help you on your journey. With workbooks included in the package, you will be on your way to healing and transformation.


The program also brings you the 6 Sounds Of Solace Music Nutrition Tracks, wherein each track includes 15, 30 and 70 min meditation music essential for your healing. Find out how you will be able to  shift your state, vibration, and energy easily with a cheat sheet provided for you.

2. Enhanced Sleep and Recuperation

Have you been not getting adequate sleep lately? Having sufficient, regular, good quality sleep is important so we can function effectively in our everyday lives for repair and recuperation. Sadly, not all of us are getting enough sleep due to health problems, anxiety, depression, and stress.


Music Nutrition Enhanced Sleep and Recuperation Program features accessible tracks that can help you achieve enough, quality sleep so you can continue on your journey. With workbooks included in the package, you will be able to work on your sleeping patterns so you can head to healing and transformation. 

    3. Enhanced Creativity, Focus and Productivity

    Have you been losing your focus or feel stagnant in growth or manifestation lately? Have you become distracted with little things and need to reconnect to purpose and vision?

    Go out of your comfort zone and stretch your creative muscles again. There are so many ways to be creative, more focused, and productive — one of which is through Music Nutrition Enhanced Creativity, Focus and Productivity Program!


    Make room for productivity by enhancing your creative side and keep focused on the things you do. Music Nutrition Enhanced Creativity, Focus and Productivity Program is designed to help you stay focused and creative and boost your productivity so you make your every day a success!


      4. Enhanced Healing and Transformation

      We all experience grief, failure, and depression in our career, relationships, and personal lives. However, this shouldn’t hold you back to attain your goals in life.  A brighter, happier future lies in the future so whenever you fall and feel down, learn to stand up, heal, and transform into someone you’ve been wanting to become.


      With Music Nutrition’s Enhanced Healing and Transformation program, you will have full access to tracks that can help harness your mind’s power to heal and transform so you can continue on your journey. With workbooks and videos included in the package, you will be able to work to awaken your mind’s power so you will be able to restore your energy and live a balanced, fulfilled life.

      Does this sound familiar?

      If you experience any of the following and are ready to use the power of your mind, the power of vibration and frequencies to enhance and accelerate your healing, happiness and success then our biologically enhanced audio programs is your one stop shop for total transformation.

      • Emotional Frustration

        Are you uncharacteristically angry, anxious, agitated, or moody? Do you isolate yourself from other people? Have you noticed yourself who used to be optimistic and now can’t find anything to be hopeful about?

      • Depression

        Feeling lost, stagnant and lack the energy or inspiration to move forward? Are you losing interest or pleasure in activities once you enjoyed? 

      • Sleep Problems

        Have you been suffering from sleep problems regularly that they interfere with your daily life? Can't quite remember the last time you slept deeply and peacefully?

      • Ready For more

        Is this all there is? You've had success and ticked many boxes yet left wondering what's next? You are ready for you next level.

      • Ready For Ease

        You've worked hard, are an expert in struggle town and crisis management. It's time for ease and flow.

      • Manifest Miracles

        You've heard joy and gratitude works wonders and are ready to embrace this possiblity in your life.

      Ditch all your struggles now!

      Here's what you get:

      The Cheat Sheet - $97

      Cheat sheet is a fast track method to help you shift your mood, your mind and total state.

      Transformational Workbooks and Video Courses - $1950

      There are also transformational workbooks and videos available for you that can help you on your journey. My intention is for you to experience an unprecedented change in an area most important to you. That you use every challenge as an opportunity for transformation, deeper connection, growth, love and have fun along the way.


      Each video has different frameworks and directions so make sure you commit yourself to fully participate. The workbooks and transformational videos are self-reflection exercises. What we observe changes and by going through these books and videos you will create profound change.

      6 Volumes of Sounds Of Solace  - $990

      Over 8 hours of 6 Volumes of Music Nutrition including a 15 min, 30 min and 70 min soundtrack for your convenience to use at various times. Listening to these transformational sounds is a great way to feel more centered and focused. These sounds are surely useful tools in meditation, as it can help you clear your mind and stay in the moment.


      These are the volumes that will aid to let you realize your self-worth, realize your goals, and take steps to make them happen!


      Volume 1: Sounds of Source - I am the embodiment of source. I am safe and connected yes I am

      Letting In: safety, love, connection, creation, committed right action, vitality and vital force, belonging, independence, love for self, self-respect, attraction.

      Letting Go: separation, disconnection from body, loneliness, lack of purpose, questioning who am I?, reduce physical pain, fear, addictive tendency.

      Chakra: Base Solfeggio: 174Hz + 396Hz Key: C


      Volume 3 Sounds of Receiving: I am strength in openness yes I am.

      Letting In: self-value, self-worth, a positive attitude toward self and others, transparency, openness, strength and confidence, strength through vulnerability, worthy of support and value, multiple sources of receiving and giving, accept responsibility for self in relationships, self-sufficiency, meet own needs for love and independence.

      Letting Go: scarcity, neediness, clinging, relationship needs being unmet, insecurity, shame, disconnect to others and self, weakness in vulnerability, discomfort in receiving, unbalanced giving and receiving, owing, obligation, undervalued, unworthy, self-punishment, pushing generosity or compliments away.

      Chakra: Navel Solfeggio: 417Hz Key: D

      Volume 4 Sounds of Fulfilment: I am the embodiment of fulfilled abundance yes I am

      Letting In: increase energy for change, patience, balance emotions, systematic approach, connected process, enjoying process & journey, fulfilment, abundance, feeling settled, content with one’s progress and creation, having & being more than enough


      Letting Go: adrenal fatigue, burn out, exhaustion, addiction to success, not knowing when to stop, destructive influences, lack follow up and detail, confusion, impatience, focus on negative or irrelevant details, desperation, never having or being enough.

      Chakra: Spleen Solfeggio: 417HZ Key: D#


      Volume 7: Sounds of Transformation - I am the healing embodiment of heartfelt transformation Yes I am

      Letting In: gland transformation, healing cell communication, compassion, heartfelt communication, move sadness from heart, transition, growth, flexibility, healthy boundaries.


      Letting Go: frustration, disappointment, chest pain, blocked communication, stubbornness, perfection, judgment, right/wrong, injustice, unfairness, conflict, dissolve differences, rigidity.

      Chakra: Thymus Solfeggio: 639Hz Key: F#


      Volume 10: Sounds of Ancient Stillness
      I am the embodiment of integrated divine clarity yes I am

      Letting In: clarity, listening to self, guide self, biology integrates remembrance of core essence of self, trust your path, coming home into deepest parts of self, brings strength from generations, ancient wisdom, knowing.

      Letting Go: confusion, lack of integrity, distrust, lost, doubt, fear, old grief (even generations of grief), questioning self and path.

      Chakra: Brow Solfeggio: 741Hz Key: A


      Volume 11 Sounds of Surrender: I am the embodiment of pure health yes I am

      Letting In: acceptance, release, integration into the physical body, great for newborns adjusting to a physical body, spiritual-physical integration, gentleness, perfect for dreaming, embody present, restful sleep, biological recuperation, solve problems and surrender pain.


      Letting Go: irritability, releasing karma, headaches, tension, mental fatigue, insomnia, always being ‘in the head’, overwhelm, post trauma, vagueness.

      Chakra: Brown and Crown Solfeggio: 852Hz Key: A#

      8 Live transformations - $29-$152

      8 Live transformations to deep dive for guided healing and processing of specific issues.

      These are guided and very practical in helping you apply techniques in everyday situations.


      These guided meditations are


      Track #1: I am enough

      This transformation is a process to recognise you are more than enough just as you are.

      So much stress and anxiety comes from the feeling or belief that you are not enough as you are, that there is not enough and that you are in competition for resources, money, attention, affection, love or fulfilment, or that you did not do or give enough.


      This is an opportunity to let go of pleasing others, competing with others and to know that you have and will always have more than you need within and around you simply because you are here and breathing. Just because you breathe you have and are more than enough.


      Perfect for: giving too much, never feeling like you have given enough, feeling like you have to give back with interest when you receive, deflecting compliments, resentful about not getting needs met, being demanding in relationships or the opposite – being a loving doormat.


      Music bed: Sounds of Source Volume 1


      Track #2: Turn up the volume of your inner voice

      This transformation is a process to turn down the volume on the negative, critical voice that can sometimes override your thinking. The outer voice of what everyone else thinks can be so debilitating. Sometimes it’s the voice that is a younger self that always puts you down.

      Are you ready to turn up the volume on your inner voice and make it your not negotiable truth?


      Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10

      Track #3: Letting go of Anxiety and Depression
      This transformation is for those who feel the ups of manic emotions and states. Acknowledging the parts of you that don’t have the energy to keep going or want to give up. For when overwhelmed, you feel like there is no space to breathe.

      Find biological peace in body, mind and spirit.


      Allow your heartbeat to find balance and take the edge off those relentless thoughts that don’t seem to leave you alone.


      Perfect for: erratic behaviour, mood swings, paranoia, worried about what others think of you, panic attacks, tightness in the chest, lung and breath problems.


      Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

      Track #4: Overcoming overwhelm
      This transformation is about overcoming overwhelm. This is about letting go of needing to fix anything at all. Just allow transformation of overwhelm to occur as a by-product of this process.

      An opportunity to surrender everything you have been holding, everything you have been challenged by and even the need to get things right. Allowing residual stress to fall away. Connect to your belly breath. Let go of needing to be there for everyone else and all the responsibility you feel.


      Perfect for: seeing problems everywhere, the need to fix everything, unable to walk away from something that is undone, distraction by irrelevant details, worried about what others think of you, panic attacks, tightness in the chest, lung and breath problems.


      Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11


      Track #5: Power down in 10
      Power down track when you know you only have ten minutes to go deep and relax. Use this before falling asleep or during a lunch break to meet your nervous system and give your body a chance to recharge and revitalise.


      Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

      Track #6: Deep unshakeable trust

      This process is all about trusting your biology and your gut-brain as it has so much to offer you on more levels than you currently allow yourself to acknowledge. Sometimes emotions, love or affection for someone can influence what your heart knows and does not want to accept about a situation or person.


      Perfect for: break-ups, relationship sagas, performance anxiety, self-doubt, second-guessing, talking yourself out fo your feelings, being “nice” and not real, niggling fears, when you are being lied to and your intuition is picking up on something “not quite right”


      Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10

      Track #7: Deep acceptance
      This transformation is for those who truly need to recuperate and let go on every level for a deep sleep. To allow the body to rest is a process of letting go and surrendering all to the unconscious body and mind.


      Get instant relief now by engaging in a relaxed dialogue with your body, accepting it as it is and feels and letting go of your minds attachment and judgment of what is happening.

      This is perfect for falling asleep and allowing your body and mind to let go of all that does not serve you anymore.


      Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11


      Track #8: I create solution. I am solution focused​​​​​​
      This transformation is about creating a force field of energy that is all about building bridges, crossing them and being the only solution-focused. Orientating your body mind and spirit to be razor-sharp focus and only magnetic to solutions in life.


      Letting go of shopping around for so many solutions or quick fixes, only amount more evidence that you keep having more problems and not actually solving the core issue. Use this transformation to create results, reprogram, rewire and reset your entire being for amazing results.


      No negotiating maybes or trying this or that, you are  now solution-focused and moving on!


      Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

      I've got GREAT news!


      I believe in you and I believe in the results my own family and network of thousands of clients who have already used this system have experienced,  I've added special bonus' I know you will love and use forever. 

      BONUS #1  

      Access to The Genius Zone Method  with the

      LUCID CHART - $197


      Did you know that there are 11 Stages that move between feeling powerless and in total financial debt to being in your GENIUS ZONE and having World or team impact and wealth?

      After working with thousands of High Achievers and people who start to get out of crisis, then into functional daily “nailing the small stuff and life stuff” and then again that go from good to great and start to live in fulfilled abundance, I have mapped some predictable ways and patterns that will help you activate you being in true mastery and your genius.

      BONUS #2

      The Paradigm Shift - $197

      Our 5 step SHIFT process to shift ANY block or issue ANY time. This is priceless and is part of our "The Shift Challenge" Genius Zone Program.

      BONUS #3

      The most popular healing tracks - $38


      Deep Level Transformation of ANY Block or Issue track


      This transformation sets up an automated process to keep shifting and transforming any stuck experiences or emotions. Truly creating a new level and meaning of freedom when you are no longer burdened by carrying the blocks in your body and vibrational field.

      You are invited to definitely take transformative action within 24-48 hours of listening to truly maximise results.


      Perfect For: Stubborn issues or feeling you haven’t been able to shift. Wonderful for sleeping and creating peace in your rest zone for the troubles our unconscious mind tries to equilibrate during sleep can affect our deep level of recuperation.


      Instant results! Ditch negative self talk, amplify whats good and what works track


      ​Go to the part of your body that is lit up by where the old unwanted thoughts live, go in and allow the most beneficial thoughts, feelings and transformations to occur naturally. This is what your body is always doing when you give it permission to do so.

      Unlock the wisdom within you and give a green light to ONLY focusing on the GOOD feelings you want to multiply through your body and your life and just watch what unfolds around you.


      Bring your three brains and powerhouse centres together with this track – head brain, gut-brain and heart-brain.

      This 20 min transformation is one of my most powerful because of the combination of frequencies of two sounds of solace music beds. 

      $3,621 Value! Get it now for ONLY $497 or 3 x $179

      Hear From Anikiko's Clients Using These programs! 

      Top professionals, therapists, parents, CEO's and company directors use Music Nutrition to get through pivotal times in life.

      I personally use it in my own personal life and I would also highly recommend it to all practitioners out there and to get their clients into a very calm state and into realising something very deep. The sounds and Ani's voice is beyond powerful.​

      Nessa Devaney​


      I've been using music nutrition products for 4 years now. I had found the benefits, transformation and changes that it brought to my life.

      Nick Miller

      Musician, Producer and Touring artist

      It's proper nutrition for your ears and mind and it incredibly uplifting and energetically very shifting. 

      Georgia Branch

      BRW fast growth entrepreneur

      There are lots of anxiety and fear sometimes...and that really helped me to stay grounded and connected and the music was so peaceful.

      Toni Green

      Mum and business owner in fitness 

      The Music Nutrition




      While there are so many transformations and healing sounds out there in the market place it can be a little confusing to know which to pick.


      Here is a little comparison of what’s out there and what Anikiko has created uniquely for your transformation experience.


      Now what most sound healing and meditation experiences offer is binaural beats and white noise like water or tranquil nature or synthetic sounds that lull you to sleep.


      Many new sounds are now including ancient healing tones of solfeggio frequencies but please don’t be fooled.


      Solfeggio frequencies are not necessarily ancient or scared. It’s the mathematics and sequence of numbers or frequencies that either produce what’s called a “magnetic” result.



      Why Music Nutrition?



      • The ancient power of solfegio freqencies 

      These ancient scales used in sacred music like Gregorian chants were used to bring harmony to the community.


      The Ancient Power of Solfeggio Frequencies and Tuning Forks

      These ancient scales used in sacred music like Gregorian chants were used to bring harmony  to the community. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

      • Binaural Beats

      These are used in many meditation products and sometimes are just a series of unpleasant sounds.

      • Biorhythms to slow heart rate

      We have synchronised and recorded the biorhythms within the human body to help you quickly fall into instant calm with this music.

      • Using high frequency instruments

      We use crystal singing bowls, hand made medicine drums and of course the human voice that have all been recorded in the studio and engineered with the best equipment to give you high quality music – not just synth sounds and software plugins. Many people say the music is just so pleasant to listen to.

      • The power of "I AM"

      Each volume has a specific I AM statement intention which helps you align, resonate and dissolve the unwanted or unbalanced state and encourage deep healing.

      • Brain, Body and Hear Harmony

      As you start to access states of joy and gratitude and your mind starts to take a back seat, you can access states

      • Using the innate healing power of the Human Voice

      Did you know that the sound of the singing human voice most calms the Central Nervous System?


      This stems from the innate sound of a mothers voice which is very familiar to babies.


      Our biology is wired to activate the “ eat and digest”  Our tracks Feature the vocals of an accomplished artist Anikiko who brings harmonic coherence and unique melodies into every volume. The melodies also help mask some of the strange sounds that can be unpleasant if you were to listen to them alone. Some have said they are “ angelic” transporting the listener to another place.


      We also have live guided tracks however the beauty of the core volumes is that they are pleasant sounds in various keys that other practitioners or professionals can use to speak over and facilitate guided journeys for others.