Money, Abundance and Me Program​

The Newest Program to Feed Your Mind, Body and Business

What's Money, Abundance and Me Program?

Money, Abundance and Me is a 6-week program that helps you align with the abundance you were born to have and to unpack where your greatest assets are, align you with your value so that you can trade, partner and be your TRUE VOICE for work impact.


We, at True Voice Global believe that we absolutely need to start with the inside and I am determined to help you open up into your greatest self.


We will address the foundations and your capacity to grow you, your business and your abundance as well as increase your financial intelligence.


This group only will have access to the full digital downloads and templates for Money , Abundance and Me!


Be inspired to create health, wellness and abundance in your life. Register now!

Who Is Anikiko?

    • Keynote speaker, author, artist, kinesiologist
    • Creator of Music Nutrition Harmonic Total Body Healing System
    • True Voice Global: producer of over 15 Audio programs and Music CDs, Facilitator worldwide of over 10,000, hundreds of workshops and events.
    • International retreats and provider of high level Edutainment for special events and seminars.
    • Working with CEO’s, celebrities, business owners and those recovering from life trauma reaching for life fulfilment.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Only just making payments for the MUST pays and not enough for cashflow for building wealth

  • Spending countless hours attending more workshops to be “ready” to launch your idea or product?

  • Feel like you can’t get on top of it all.

  • Get so overwhelmed with social media and all that it takes to get things launched or started that you feel deflated about getting your message out there? 

  • Feel overwhelmed by life, your business and what you have to do to get “ahead”

  • Have been sitting on various ideas, programs and still have not gotten started.

  • Spent thousands on coaches and courses and not yet integrated and actioned your learnings?

  • Not really making a dent in your financial wellbeing?

  • Staring many projects yet never following through.

  • Have massive dreams but in your “honest” chat with yourself actually are not on the trajectory to reach them within 2-5 years?

  • Always putting other people, projects and needs in front of your own (whether they are your bosses, or family or friends)

  • Still feel like there is some block in you that you know you absolutely need to shift to get your GREEN light to FLY?

Money Abundance and Me Program

The Newest Program to feed your Mind, Body and Business.

Money Abundance and Me 

 The Newest Program to feed your Mind, Body and Business.

"I learned to move away from situations that threatened my sense of identity, and take actions that took me towards a deep sense of peace and joy, and living a life of inspired action. These three things are the barometers for me in my decision-making. I can compromise, but I don’t compromise myself.


After this kinesiology session and Ani’s Money, Abundance and Me course, I moved out of a share house situation that was not serving me, in fact it supported my pattern of care-taking others – because that’s what I was “supposed to do” – old! Boring!"

Beck Fielding


"I made a choice to come and see Ani a couple of years ago. I was going through some pretty tough emotional times and pretty hard choices in my professional life and since I've been working with her over the past 2 years, I have learned so much, I've created so many changes in an area that I don't think I would be able to recognize. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to become more empowered and clear about what they want in life."​

Nick Miller

Professional Musician

"It is one of the most powerful coaching sessions I've ever had in my whole life. Because in just a short while she was able to help me reframe the story I've been telling myself for almost a decade now.""​

BoYee Nataraja​

Dancer, Author and Youtube Host