This is a program to challenge yourself to get out of your own shit, stay in flow and inside your genius zone and have fun whilst doing it!

For those of you who don't really have any shit, you may be going from good to great and just want to up level to your next adventure you are most welcome!


  • So you have been sitting on an idea for years, maybe even decades. You have been waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, the perfect date to declare your gift to the world by either selling a program or stepping up and doing an event or writing a book or doing something you have never dared to share because no one knows you have this gift and want to be paid for it or simply share it?

  • You find yourself thinking differently, feeling like there is more than “this”. In fact you know you just want more but perhaps not sure what the “more” is. The question is, how do I put this together and sell it without sitting on it for another 6 months? In fact how could I sell it within the next 30 days?


  • There is a call within you that has been whispering for sometime in the form of insights, ideas and maybe even frustrations with the way things have been going in life and you are now ready to listen. You are now ready to connect to your BIG REVEAL.

  • You know that you perform best when in service to others or when you are inspired to give something that you know the world needs right now.  It's not negotiable. You are ready to ditch the excuses, invest in yourself and PAY for the result you recognize that you have reached a certain point where you are ready for your next level and you want to unlock the that level now

  • You have a desire to serve and bring out the best in people yet you feel undervalued, underpaid and the amazing work you already do is not showing up financially in your bank account


Imagine what your next 30 days, 6 months or 1 year would look like if you were valued, appreciated and financially rewarded for what you do, without having to spend thousands on a website, business brand, card or pay expensive ad and marketing costs?


I have spent more than half my life drawing these gifts, these qualities out from deep with clients. In fact over 12,000 sessions later I have learned a few things about how to get there quickly. It does not mean it is easy. I am not suggesting this is a quick and easy process but I am suggesting that this is an intensive program designed to set up some very clear milestones, intentions and results in your and when you commit, when you put resources and skin in th game you are bound to be successful with the right guidance to get there.


I believe in creating what you want from a place of flow and ease but ease does not mean easy because believe me I have spent the time, the year and the discomfort of so many programs and processes to really find what works and what does not.  I can tell you so many things that do not work.


Are you ready to dive into 8 Sessions and Trainings with me plus MORE? ​ 

( if you have ever done a program with me you know we always do more!!)

One of the most valuable observations I’ve made when working with high achievers who keep going to the next level and those who aspire to get there is ONE major key. It is making a decision. 


Those that sit on the fence or cycle around in circles are not make decisions, life on replay, default and repeating old patterns. There are so many factors that contribute to why this becomes the case but if you are now ready for a solution and ready to ditch excuses then you will know there is a decision inside of you already and one that you are ready to act on today.


When you make that decision you will find that “coincidences” start to happen around you or synchronicities that support your decision.

You start to command the “potentials” and one law of nature is that energy and matter follow where there is order. When you make a decision and act on it, all the “maybes” and fence sorting situations, things and people start to filter out so that ONLY that which is like with your choice consistently presents itself.


It doesn’t matter if you want to launch the “NEW” you or a product. I invite you to make your message or desire a priority and within our program you WILL create it. 



  • We will move through the very things that have held you back in claiming and launching you or your gift or product

  • Access your zone of creation

  • Become an ideas machine ( and know which ones to actually produce)

  • Ditch the excuses and that which holds you back

  • Create your game plan and stick to it

  • Say "YES"  to monetizing your offer

  • Make back 10 x your investment. When you really unpack what gift you have and dare to claim your value you can without a doubt make back your investment and much more when you show up for what is in this training.




  • Dare to charge what you are really worth 

  • Lock in a launch date 

  • Get paid before you even have your gift all packaged up!

  • Ditch perfection and procrastination

  • Get transformational audios

  • Change your life forever

  • Fall in love with life

  • Be accountable for your launch or release

    make your investment back

  • Challenge your self worth

  • Discover the many layers of your purpose and product



    We dive into Anikiko’s powerful and transformational process to receive your ultimate outcome. It’s one thing to create your vision and mission and another to receive it. ONLY YOU can do and deliver the very passion inside your heart and we unblock the blocks to seeing it. You also get super clear on who you serve, what you are committed to creating in a short burst of time.


    Using the skill of her stage shows and presentations Anikiko helps you to unleash your story and the very gemstones within it that will burst through peoples heart and connect. This is about unpacking your power statement and delivery as well as extracting your purpose from the pitfalls in your journey. Use the method and components of crafting your story in a way that shows people what you can do, not tells them!


    Having delivered over 12000 sessions and moved audiences of thousands of people at the same time, Anikiko knows how to create powerful transformations. At this module you will have experience some blocks and shifts already and recognised where there are limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours with money, impact and influence. This is an incredible session to shift doubt, imposter syndrome and really dive into your ultimate value as we truly shift some shit so you can own and sell your gift unapologetically!


    Module 4 is a key component of this transformational program because Anikiko brings to the table her "Oxytocin Formula" which is designed to give your client, audience or listener the “goosebump” effect of connection with you. Create impact and connection with connecting your content to your biggest shift and transformations in life, unpack your delivery and structure as well as dive into deeper money mindset manifestation . A marathon session!


    This module Anikiko covers best pricing and structure options for your audience and your offer and challenges you to refine it with specific homework exercises that very well may already build your audience and sales now. At this stage you could be landing audiences, new clients and opportunities to see you explode in your industry. Its all about showing people who you are and stepping out into the community with your shift and attracting from an abundant, high vibe and value packed energy.


    Anikiko has identified a zone of danger when working with high performance people and this is it. Here we address the part of you that feels vulnerable and sometimes wants to pull back if you have experienced some resistance and in this module you build the resilience and come back with a forcefield of power that will quantum leap you into new territory if you haven’t already hit it. This is all about championing the cause with in you and your audience.


    This module is all about recognising just who and what you have in your own back garden! Its all about checking into just how much impact you can have now and how you can convert your audience into customers or raving advocates of your message and mission. Anikiko covers fuel to keep that message thriving for your brain, body, brain and business!


    In this bonus module 8 training Anikiko steps you through one of the most transformational experiences ever. No matter how much strategy or techniques and steps have been covered, the biggest impact Anikiko makes in the world is through her direct transformation processes. Her you experience a radical shift in any residual challenges that may have come up in the last few sessions, shifting any new challenges with money as you may have already been bringing significant amounts in and a total transformation in your relationship with money, impact, manifestation and anyone involved in co-creating the old self image you may have had. This session will blow your results out the water and we can’t wait to hear of your results.





This transformation is about connecting and becoming one with your ultimate future self. Integrating that future self that excites you, that inspires you and that propels you into walking, talking and being that future self in your now moment and everyday life.

This is not a mental exercise of imagining what you want but is a “receiving your future vision”, going to the vision beyond your current minds projection of what you want.

We often can only see and think inside our current circumstances. We often create from this space without imagining beyond. This process goes so much further than the habit of what you normally visualise and imagine for yourself.

Call forth your future self. Meet your future you and fall in love with how far you allow yourself to expand into the beauty of life, living in the vision beyond the vision! 


Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

Letting of something that is persistently hanging on. If you have spent time, energy and money to try to shift something yet it is still hanging around then this process is for you. This is all about moving forward from unfinished business. 

What is holding you back? Are you ready to easily and effortlessly fall back and allow unfinished business to resolve itself without you having to push for it to happen?

This is an invitation to focus only on moving forward and solutions. Move forward with ease and grace and let go of that which holds you back.

If your presence is stolen by past pain and that past is swallowing you up then this track is for you - all you need to do is give permission for this to happen.


Perfect for : 

stuck issues, patterns and recurring behaviours, stubborn issues, being pulled back by the past grief, anger and heaviness, unprocessed grief, incomplete communication with relationships that have ended or abruptly dissolved.


Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

This transformation is about allowing true trust in life to navigate you. Yes, you’ve got this. Life has you. If there is a part of you that feels you have disconnected from your instincts and trusting them then this is an invitation to tell your unconscious and subconscious self to go fetch and revive that instinctive self now so that it can serve you to relax and live life without a doubt. Turning down the volume on doubt and allow your essence and deep instinct for life prevail.


Allowing the authority of your instinctive self to step in and turning its volume right up and living with a renewed trust in life! Creating evidence of results with every breath you take.


Music bed: Sounds of Source Volume 1




This course is held completely online!


The 8 training modules have been recorded for you. You have completely unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this program.


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I was born to serve high achievers, those who were made to make a difference and influence others to be their true voice and purpose in a way that effortlessly takes them to the next level.


Now is the time because its costing you precious time, money and energy NOT to do this now.

I know what its like to live in potential land and not release your ideas or waiting too long.

Imagine how much money, purpose work and lives that could be changed you are leaving on the table by not taking this step now.


I have noticed so many men and women DYING to do their REAL voice in an authentic way with integrity. When you dive into this choice and space for you right now, you will make more money with ease because you feel great about what you are doing and you know you are worth it.

When you put time, energy, money and power toward your ultimate life and purpose, not just your next goal you want to kick or financial goal then WATCH OUT....










If you are still reading this page then it is clearly speaking to you and you recognize that if you chose NOT to join me in this training then  you either just love reading my writing, not confident to make a decision now and act on it or the excuses NOT TO are more important than the DESIRE and CONVICTION to get on with shifting your shit, owning and selling your gift. 

This is 100% OK and if this page has served you in realizing this then this is fantastic news. I invite you to check in and connect what you most want in life or business now.

If however you are ready to LEAN IN and DECIDE and PULL all forces in to serve you then CLICK the "Yes I'm In" button below