Check This One-Time Upgrade




Okay, so you want this program but have some specific questions about your business, brand, message or vision?


Well you can use this VIP upgrade and work with me 1:1 during your program to check in with exactly what you need and what would be most ALIGNED to your vision and message now.


 I will give you a whopping bunch of time just to unpack exactly what your model needs to do. Choose the option of 1 hour or 3 hours (which can be broken up) of diving into your business, removing any blocks in mindset and creative blocks. I've been paid $2000 for exactly this kind of session of 2-3 hours with business owners however since you are already investing and you might just need a little extra support, lets dive in together.


I'll use all the body and brain alignment methods and even identify any "support" from my 20 years plus in neuro-training brain, body and behaviour and identify exactly what you/your business will need to keep you moving and rolling forth!




One hour 1:1 session + Shift Your Shit Program $1699

(3 x 739 payment)



Three hour 1:1 session + Shift Your Shit Program $1699

(3 x 899 payment)


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