396hz + 285Hz Solfeggio Frequency

 Music Nutrition Sounds of Celebration | Volume 2:

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Volume 2 Sounds of celebration

I am the embodiment of playful celebration, yes I am


Letting In: playfulness, laughter, celebration, passion, fertility, divine love, sexual healing, bubbling energy, creative energy, invigorating new self-image, rapid healing of body, cells and tissue, return to original form, restructure damaged organs and tissue, realization of goals and intentions.


Letting Go: dullness, seriousness, physical heaviness, old self-image, loss of passion, numbness, sexual image issues and reproductive challenges, damaged body tissue, defense mechanisms of fear and guilt that block joy, negativity and energy field disturbances.


Chakra: Sacral

Solfeggio: 396hz + 285Hz

Key: C#