417Hz Solfeggio Frequency

 Music Nutrition Sounds of Receiving | Volume 3 

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Volume 3 Sounds of Receiving:

I am strength in openness. Yes I am​


Letting In: self-value, self-worth, a positive attitude toward self and others, transparency, 
openness, strength and confidence, strength through vulnerability, worthy of support 
and value, multiple sources of receiving and giving, accept responsibility for self in 
relationships, self-sufficiency, meet own needs for love and independence.

Letting Go: scarcity, neediness, clinging, relationship needs being unmet, insecurity, 
shame, disconnect to others and self, weakness in vulnerability, discomfort in receiving, 
unbalanced giving and receiving, owing, obligation, undervalued, unworthy, selfpunishment, pushing generosity or compliments away. 


Chakra: Navel

Solfeggio: 417Hz

Key: D