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With Clients in Europe, LA – USA and Australia, Ani is a leading Sydney and worldwide kinesiologist, whose directive power and certainty effortlessly navigates clients to reach their goals.




Angela Sciberras

Angela is a qualified Neuro-Training and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist who has been working with clients for over 10 years to empower and unleash their creative potential to achieve personal transformation, reveal and overcome personal blocks to achieving success and improve their vital health.




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LUCID SCALE - Value $97



Access the Lucid Scale, invented by Anikiko. See how to raise your vibration and impact with the LUCID SCALE. With this scale, you can use it every day to check your self and if you're performing at your optimal level.





My Future Self and Ultimate Vision


This transformation track is about connecting and becoming one with your ultimate future self. Integrating that future self that excites you, that inspires you and that propels you into walking, talking and being that future self in your now moment and everyday life.


This is not a mental exercise of imagining what you want but is a “receiving your future vision”, going to the vision beyond your current minds projection of what you want.

This process enables you to call forth your future self. Meet your future YOU and fall in love with how far you allow yourself to expand into your perfect life, living in the vision beyond the vision!







The Hidden Secret of High Achievers eBook



In my book, I have outlined 5 key challenges and also their opportunities for growth. Where there is a challenge, there is an equal and opposite opportunity to support growth and acceleration.


It is my mission to see millions of leaders (men, women, CEO’s, business owners, mums and dads, game changers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the like) be supported as they support others, be fulfilled and re-fueled as they keep giving, inspiring and delivering their voice, their vision globally.





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Exclusive VIP one on one session with Anikiko:

As a VIP, not only will you receive the Genius Zone Mastermind  program plus all bonuses, you will also receive One Super Force Session.

(1:1 Mentoring/Kinesiology with Anikiko) for your business and personal life where we will navigate you through anything you like to do with abundance, self-image, body challenges, uplifting relationships, lifestyle or life itself, you name it!


This personalised advanced high level session will help you rewrite or retrain your brain for success in business, health and relationships.



About Anikiko – Your Mentor

• Over 12,000 one on one sessions with clients 

• Lead hundreds of high-level retreats (transformation and kinesiology)

• One to one work with A-listers, Fortune 500 CEOs and Celebrities

• An Artist, Singer and Writer performing in places like The Opera House, New Years Eve, Conferences, Special Events

• Creator of the Lucid Scale, which transforms thousands of lives daily to new levels of energy and performance

​• Founder of True Voice Global, Music Nutrition and Sydney Kinesiology



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