This is the future of healing and transformation!


Combined with expert kinesiology and our biofeedback systems we are considered the most advanced progressive centres in the world.


Each organ, tissue and cell in our body has a distinct frequency which is made possible by the rotation of atoms in the cells. When instructions are sent to the body from the brain they use the spinal cord to send those instructions using nerves and other molecular aids. As long as the connection between the brain and the spine is intact, biofeedback systems can use the brain to listen in the and pick up the information.


The bio-electrical activity of brain neurons is amplified so signals which are practically undetectable by statistical fluctuations, can not only be detected but also isolated and decoded thanks to biofeedback systems.


Good biofeedback systems can trace the changes in pathology and infections by observing the characteristics of these wavelengths and the changes in the tissues and cells of the body. This utilization of frequency analysis is based on this incredible discovery in natural science which allows us to analyze the magnetic vortex of any biological object.


Biofeedback was designed to not only help lay people with pain but to enable people to identify the specific biological problem in order to address it with natural Biofeedback therapy.


Biofeedback scanning of organs and tissues is not all that modern biofeedback systems are designed to do. That same theory which was proven by natural scientists applies to therapy. Biofeedback therapy is administered using brain neurons again. Frequencies that were detected by the system can be reversed and sent back to balance out the issues and bring them back to health. INCREDIBLE!


This is is how biofeedback works and it’s available to everyone! Everyone who is open-minded enough to realize that additional information is good and as the vast subject of science continues to improve.

It is easy to turn away from something that sounds odd, too good to be true or simply scary!


Unfortunately, many people do not give biofeedback a chance until they have tried everything else and spent all their money on various medical experiments and drugs. Still, it is not too late even for them. Biofeedback is patient, effective and most importantly, dedicated to helping people take back the control of their health and bodies.


Devices made possible through natural science do not affect the body negatively, there are enough modalities in the word which do this already. The biofeedback systems are scarce because they mean big problems for medical business but a lifetime of preventive jewels to its users and practitioners.


Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostic aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using computer and special programs. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are being transmitted in real-tie and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.




We incorporate:

1. The QuantumBio and Bioresonance scanning and therapy mode software and system.

2. QuantumBio Health Mat 


Far Infrared PEMF Mat is based around Far Infrared Heat Therapy through the use of crystals including amethyst, jade & tourmaline. When heated these crystals create far infrared heat that penetrates 3-8 inches into the body.


This far infrared heat can improve blood flow & micro circulation were applied. It can also help temporarily relief minor muscle, joint pain and stiffness.


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3. Biophoton Drops


These are one of a kind catalysts to speed up deep healing. We carefully assess from our testing kits which you most need to accelerate healing.

4. Transformational kinesiology and next level session

which will address core stress or blocks moving forward.


You will work with our expert kinesiologists who have thousands of sessions behind them.



5. MTHFR Assist


A total food to lower Homocysteine levels in the body  and alkalize your body quickly.


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Reasons Why Bioresonance is the Medicine of the Future

Looks at the cause of illness – not the symptoms

Diagnosis using conventional medical techniques is essential and very important. In most cases, the diagnosis describes the clinical picture but does not reveal the actual cause of the condition.

Is non-invasive – works harmoniously with the body

No adverse side effects have ever been recorded with bioresonance therapy. 

Does not use expensive and harmful drugs

Patients using Bioresonance  have reported benefits in many countries without the use of medication or it has helped with side effects from the medication they are taking.


Bio-resonance  aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using computer and special programs. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are being transmitted in real-tie and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.


Bioresonance is basically the interaction between the organisms and their frequency patterns that enclose or reverberate due to the movement of the organisms. Bioresonance technology works in collaboration with the Quantumbio biofeedback devices that are known as ‘brain machines’ or psycho-physical amplifiers.


Beck F.

Digital Course and Content Creator

Wow I dont know whether its the QuantumBio resonance system you use or the drops, or the powerful session we had these last 2 consults, but I feel superhuman.


Community Child Services

Since meeting and working with you Anikiko my world has changed. Working with your colleague Will in Perth and this system, I no longer take all the medication I have been using for years for auto-immune, sleeping and depression. My life has not been the same.

Mitchell S.


Life is close to normal now!​  Thank Ani for the wonderful session.


I really recommend this to anyone. Ani is very professional and was caring and genuinely concerned with my health and comfort.